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Reflections on SAFI

Three years ago, a team of researchers and industry experts set out to address several challenges. These challenges centred around addressing one key question: how can we maximise and optimise the use of Earth Observation (EO) resources for the fisheries and aquaculture sectors, in a sustainable and user-friendly way?

The launch of the European Space Agency Copernicus Programme for Environmental Monitoring has answered the issue of sustainability. This programme becoming a reality means it is capable of delivering a sustained flow of EO data, data necessary to build a service with real potential, and open a whole range of related research avenues. As this phase of the SAFI project comes to an end, we are now in the perfect position to launch our commercial service.

This service, it’s business evolution and sustainability potential have been analysed, and SAFI is set to provide a range of useful indicators, and user-focused tools and services.

As we move to the next stage of SAFI, the links established with users and customers throughout the initial stage will be maintained, to ensure as smooth as possible a transition between the SAFI project, and the upcoming SAFI service. Before the project closes, and before we get fully on the road to launching our service, we now face our final challenge: exporting our results outside Europe.

At the end of September 2016, we are organising a training and showcase event in Rabat, Morocco, designed to support those who work in the North African aquaculture and fisheries industries. This is giving us a fantastic opportunity to showcase the potential of SAFI to an audience outside Europe, through interactive workshops and demonstrations of the indicators, tools, and services on offer.

SAFI will remain a point of contact for live and constructive exchanges between the numerous experts and stakeholders working in these sectors. We look forward to hearing your thoughts on the SAFI service, and can’t wait to launch the latest in satellite-led decision support systems for fisheries and aquaculture!

Antoine Mangin (ACRI-ST)