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SAFI Decision Support Service

The SAFI Decision Support Service is designed to support users, managers, planners and researchers in the aquaculture and fisheries sectors. 

Sea Surface TemperatureDelivered via an interactive web-GIS online platform, the DSS offers users a range of functions for aquaculture and fisheries management, and near-real-time environmental monitoring. 

There are two levels of service which have been developed:

- the SAFI Pro tool (unrestricted access)

- the SAFI Advanced tool (earmarked for commercial development - contact us to gain access), with the functioning link to a Big Data processor (powered by C-TEP)

To access a the prototype spoiler versions of the the Advanced tool, please click here. This prototype lacks much of the advanced functionality enabled by the C-TEP links, yet it gives a very good idea of the information available to users. Contact SAFI Services to get the password to access the full prototype version.

The web-GIS incorporates a series of state-of-the-art data layers, created by SAFI researchers from the latest developments in earth observation resources and correlated with in situ data.

These datasets are continually being updated and expanded and include:

For aquaculture deployment:

  • Bathymetry data; 
  • Optimal site selection for mussel, salmon, seabass and seabream farming;
  • Approximate mussel weight after 2 years of growth for optimal mussel farm sites

For fisheries management: 
  • Sardine Maturation Index;
  • Sardine Recruitment rates during spawning season.

Near-real-time monitoring:

  • Near-real-time (NRT) monitoring of Chlorophyll-a concentration;
  • NRT monitoring of Sea Surface Temperature and Sea Surface Temperature Fronts;
  • NRT monitoring of Harmful Algal Blooms (Karenia mikimotoi, Lepidodinium chlorophorum);
  • NRT monitoring of water column vertical visability (Secchi Disk Depth);
  • NRT monitoting of the Absorbtion Cooefficient - a proxy for salinity and a marker for esturine waters;
  • NRT monitoring of Turbidity - a proxy for the concentration of suspended matter.

If you are interested in helping to shape the SAFI decision support service, please contact us, we are always seeking new ideas for the service and to recieving feedback. 

To access a prototype of the SAFI Advanced web-GIS DSS, and case study demonstrations of the Pro tool for aquaculture site selection, fisheries management, information, and near-real-time monitoring information layers, please click on the links.

The prototype commercial product is available through the Advanced tool, however given it's commercial sensitivity, it is password protected. Please contact us at the SAFI services email address to gain access to the SAFI Advanced Tool. There are no restrictions on using the SAFI Pro tool, as each mini-web is tailored specifically to meet your needs as a SAFI client, with examples shown here in the general online tool.

A help manual to guide users through the use of the SAFI PRO and SAFI ADVANCED Decision Support Tools is provided here (please be patient with the download, it is a big file).