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SAFI Newsletter 2014: Index

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It gives me great pleasure to introduce you to the first issue of the SAFI newsletter, introducing our team, highlighting potential applications, and the potential being unlocked by SAFI......

Antoine Mangin (SAFI Manager)

SAFI: Bringing Earth Observation to the heart of Aquaculture & Fisheries

The SAFI partnership has been built to bring together all the expertise and skills needed to derive information.....

Chloé Vincent (ACRI-ST)

ASIMUTH - Harmful Algal Bloom alerts from EO monitoring

Harmful Algal Blooms (HABs) are natural phenomena occurring sporadically and unpredictably.....

Dee McElligott (DOMMRS) 

The EU's Blue Growth Strategy and Aquaculture

Farming finfish, shellfish and aquatic plants is one of the world's fastest growing food sectors.....

Ned Dwyer (CMRC, UCC)

Decision Support underpinned by scientific knowledge

Clarifying and quantifying relationships between species and aspects of their environment is a key piller of research.....

Marta Rufino (IPMA)           

How can Copernicus aid fisheries and aquaculture?

With environmental conditions on our planet continuously evolving, for the well-being of future generations, it is crucial....

Catherine Lecouffe (COFREPECHE)

News in Brief

Some recent developments in DOMMRS, IFAPA and ACRI-ST.



Perspectives: Morocco sets ambitious aquaculture and fisheries targets

Morocco, whose coasts are home to substantial fishing resources, has released a maritime strategy....

Ouadia Tazi (UH2C) 

Some of the people behind SAFI

A brief introduction to those people working on SAFI and developing the products and services for the aquaculture and fisheries sectors....



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