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SAFI: Bringing Earth Observation to the heart of Aquaculture and Fisheries

The SAFI partnership has been built to bring together all the expertise and skills needed to derive information from Earth Observation (EO) data, and deliver it to match the actual information needs of the aquaculture and fisheries sectors, with respect to marine environmental knowledge. Under the leadership of ACRI-ST (France), University College Cork (Ireland), COFREPECHE (France), IPMA (Portugal), IFAPA (Spain), Daithi O’ Murchu Marine Research Station (Ireland) and University Hassan II of Casablanca (Morocco) are seizing advantage of their complementary positioning to define and setup information services, and an information sharing platform, tailored to deliver concise and relevant information to operators and managers in our aquaculture and fishery sectors.

We’re really excited about this opportunity to put together our complementary knowledge, turning it into something useful for the sector, and the civil society providing support to a reasoned and sustainable management of marine resources, especially in the context of European initiatives like Blue Growth and emerging COPERNICUS Senntinel missios” says Dr. Antoine Mangin, coordinator of the project.

On one side of the expertise chain, partners have a deep knowledge of EO, and on the other side, there are consultants and experts in fish/shell farming, learning and incorporating EO into their work practices. All are aiming to deliver an integrated, and effective, link between satellite technology and marine applications.

This is being specifically tailored towards operators who are not knowledgeable about EO. Indeed, across the project, partners regularly consult, interact and receive feedback from a User Board of aquaculture and fisheries operators and managers, defining the fundamentals of the service we are building.

For more information visit the SAFI website:,  or contact the SAFI team directly via email:

Chloe Vincent (ACRI-ST)

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