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ASIMUTH - Harmful Algal Bloom alerts from EO monitoring

Harmful Algal Blooms (HABs) are natural phenomena occurring sporadically and unpredictably.  Interest in HABs has escalated due to concerns associated with human health, adverse effects on biological resources, economic losses attributed to recreation, tourism and seafood related industries.

ASIMUTH was developed to issue short term HAB alert systems for Atlantic Europe.  This was achieved using information on the most current marine conditions gathered from Earth (in-situ monitoring stations), space (satellite data) and in-silco (biological and physical oceanic models) sources. The integrated, multidisciplinary, trans-boundary approach to the study of HABs developed during ASIMUTH has led to a better understanding of the physical, chemical and ecological factors controlling these blooms, as well as their impact on human activities.

The outcome was an appropriate alert system for an effective management of areas that are usually associated with HAB events, and where these episodes may have a more significant negative impact on human activities.

Specifically for the aquaculture industry, the information provided continues to enable farmers to adapt their working practices in time to prevent mortalities in finfish farms, and/or manage their shellfish harvest more effectively. This has led to the improvement of European competitiveness and sustainable development in this area.

For more information visit the ASIMUTH website: or contact the ASIMUTH team directly via email:

Dee McElligott (DOMMRS)

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