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DOMMRS explores multi-trophic aquaculture

Currently participating in several FP7 projects, DOMMRS is addressing the challenge of developing more sustainable patterns of production to create smarter and greener growth for the European marine industry. One such project, IDREEM, uses Integrated Multi-tropic Aquaculture (IMTA) to exploit the  excess nutrients produced from fish farming, and grow native seaweeds (macro-algae).  DOMMRS have extended this by exploring the use of seaweed in the development of biopolymers in SEABIOPLAS. For more information see

Space technologies can assist IFAPA

Participation in SAFI represents a significant step forward for IFAPA’s Centro “Agua del Pino”. For a number of years, the centre has been focussed on small-scale fisheries sustainability, informing knowledge gaps in the two new marine European Directives. SAFI provides an initial opportunity to marry this extensive research experience to the development of innovative and technologically advanced procedures to understand species ecologies, and develop tools for ecosystem-based management. See

SAFI a key part in ACRI’s R&D strategy

ACRI-ST is positioned at every level of marine environment observation and monitoring, offering expertise and large satellite data processing capabilities. It uses R&D to define innovative products and decision support services. A particular effort is currently being made by the ACRI Group to develop such services, and SAFI is a key project for us in the implementation of that strategy. For more information see

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