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People behind SAFI

Dr. Ned Dwyer (UCC)

Ned Dwyer leads the CMRC’s Remote Sensing & Applied GIS group, and is tasked with leading SAFI’s communications and userboard activities. When not looking at remotely sensed data, Ned helps a local Irish charity (Friends of Londiani) which does development work in Africa and on a number of occasions has spent his holidays working with them in Kenya.  

Dr. Olivia Lesne (ACRI-ST)

Olivia, a geophysicist who likes golfing in her spare time,has participated in numerous European projects on natural risks, GPS applications and air/water quality. She has been the main coordinator of the EC FP6 project FORESIGHT and was responsible for the Downstream Service “HEALTH” in the PASODOBLE EC project (FP7). In SAFI project, Olivia is in charge of the global administrative and financial coordination.                          

Prof. Oudia Tazi (UH2C)

Professor Ouadia Tazi works in UH2C’s Aquatic Ecology and Environment laboratory, and has been coordinating the University’s Masters in Management and Valuation of Marine Resources since 2006. “Madame Tazi” (as she is popularly known within the SAFI team) coordinates Morocco’s contribution to SAFI in both research and outreach activities, and in her spare time enjoys fashion and interior design.


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