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Improved technological know-how influencing decision support tools

As the current generation of potential COFREPECHE customers is becoming more and more technologically savvy, there is a growing interest in using technology based decision making tools. New technologies are today more accessible and increasingly part of the conversation for smaller scale fisheries, as well as marine management and aquaculture stakeholders.

Using innovative tools, especially satellite-based technologies, is a growing trend in projects COFREPECHE is interested in or implementing, especially within the scope of fisheries monitoring, control and surveillance. Being involved in SAFI’s Services project allows COFREPECHE to get ahead in the use of satellite imagery for the development of the fisheries and aquaculture industries.  Its challenge today along with SAFI partners, is to adjust these tools to new contexts and to develop new applications for topics such as ecosystem services, environmental monitoring for marine aquaculture, and Marine Spatial Planning projects.

Developing the SAFI tool by collaborating with our partners based in Europe is the logical approach to connect the existing data sets on marine habitats with images produced by the ESA’s EO satellites. The SAFI project is now at a crucial stage, refining, testing and calibrating the tools created during the project. The ultimate aim is to widen the scope in other contexts, especially outside the EU.

This international dimension is central to activities. With a range of fisheries, aquaculture and marine environments projects over the past 30 years in more than 70 countries, COFREPECHE is well placed to connect this core aspect of its business with the use and promotion of services provided by SAFI.

Antoine Rougier (COFREPECHE)