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Conversations Leading Product Design

Just because ideas and opinions cannot be immediately addressed does not mean that they will not be in the future. Some of the best ideas come about without preconceived notions. The expression ‘blue-sky-thinking’ can be one of a scientist’s most valuable tools and SAFI partners endeavour to address all opinions expressed to SAFI. 

Every step of the SAFI project has sought to involve its potential users, who are involved both in defining service requirements, and in shaping how these requirements will be met through the service. This has involved a range of consultations, such as individual interviews, user-board meetings, questionnaires, and informal meetings between SAFI partners and our contacts. Although no one product, or project-derived service, will be able to address all the needs of the potential users consulted, the SAFI consortium has always committed to considering and recording the opinions provided by external associates. It is recognised that each consultee gives his or her time freely in order to help SAFI, with all concerns and ideas considered, even if they cannot yet be addressed.

We would like to extend our sincere gratitude to all participants in our user requirements gathering exercises and look forward to your feedback on project outcomes.

Marc Shorten (DOMMRS)

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