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User board 3 meeting, April 6th 2016
The third and final SAFI userboard meeting (UB3) will be held in the IFAPA offices in Huelva, Spain on April 6th of this year. UB3 will showcase the results of the SAFI initiative to date, and includes a series of highly interactive workshops to make the final refinements to the SAFI system. Find out more at
IFAPA developments for fisheries sustainability
In the blue economy, an increasing number of economic activities are developing based on marine ecosystem services. In its drive to promote fisheries sustainability, the IFAPA is actively working on the development of numerical indicators to support the small-scale fisheries. In order to achieve this, satellite data will be used as a synoptic tool, as it is crucial for the long term assessment of ecosystem changes.
DOMMRS in Atlantos project launch
A member of the DOMMRS team recently attended the launch of the AtlantOS project - a collaborative approach to creating a more integrated, effective and sustainable observation of the Atlantic. This project involves 62 partners from 18 countries (including DOMMRS and ACRI) to share industry knowledge and research for real-world case studies. For more information see the AtlantOS website:
IPMA strengthens its research fleet
Under the European Economic Area Grants Programme, the IPMA have acquired a new Research Vessel ‘Mar Portugal’ (‘Portugal Sea’). She is a 75m dynamic positioning system RV prepared for operating on a global scale, with special equipment for geophysical and remote vehicle operations and state of the art oceanographic equipment. The vessel has two main functions: environmental research and fisheries research.
ACRI-Etudes et Conseils joins the SAFI crew
In order to facilitate links with Morocco and to assist the country with their fisheries management and aquaculture deployment plan, ACRI_ES is joinging its effort to the SAFI project. Their participation is expected to be very useful for future dissemination and training activities. 

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