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People behind SAFI

Marta Ruffino (IPMA)

Marta is a researcher with a decade of experience in statistical modelling in applied marine sciences. She has been a part of the SAFI programme since the beginning, and her work focuses on developing indicators for bivalve’s fisheries. Aside from SAFI, Marta also coordinates the IPMA outreach group, is a busy mother of three and enjoys her hobby as an urban sketcher.


Oscar Moreno (IFAPA)

Oscar has worked with the IFAPA since 1989. His past experience has enabled him to work on European projects on marine resource research. With SAFI, Oscar is working on establishing the relationship between Earth Observation data and sexual maturation in bivlaves. In his spare time, Oscar likes to go mountain biking in the forest near his home.



Catherine Lecouffe (COFREPECHE)

Catherine has extensive experience in aquaculture project management. As projects officer for COFREPECHE since 2012, she has been involved in the implementation of worldwide consultancies in fisheries and aquaculture. Outside of her work with SAFI, Catherine has learned to dance forró, a complex form of dance originating in Northern Brazil.



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