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Stakeholder-driven Service Development

SAFI’s service and product development has been driven by people working and living in the aquaculture and fisheries sectors. Over the past three years, the SAFI team have worked iteratively with 65 key industry stakeholders (known as the SAFI Userboard) through workshops and demonstration events. These events focused on gathering the needs and requirements of participants, shaping SAFI product development, and web-GIS design. The most recent of these events was centred on making the final refinements to the product, holding demonstration workshops with participants, and examining potential future directions for SAFI.

Stakeholder-driven development is essential for delivering products that meet market needs. It is critical too, that consultees can see the impact of their feedback, and know that their opinions and insights are valued and carried onwards. The SAFI team ensured that this would be a core principle behind engaging with, and consulting, those who helped shape the SAFI service through their insights, experience and constructive criticism.

The SAFI stakeholder-driven development also enabled the team to deploy the Technology of Participation (ToP©), developed by ICA-UK in a stakeholder development project. Fundamental ToP© principles formed the foundation of the semi-structured interviews conducted, workshop consultations, and demonstration feedback opportunities. These yielded remarkably successful results. Each workshop, consultation, and demonstration produced a wealth of context information, advice, insightful critique, recommendations for further development, and calls for aid beyond the timeframe of the SAFI project.

This stakeholder development will culminate in the SAFI training event in Rabat, on September 27th and 28th, where aquaculture and fisheries experts and operators from Europe and Morocco will be taught topics specifically requested during the SAFI stakeholder journey. This event, targeting aquaculture and fisheries operators, decision makers and researchers, will equip them with the knowledge to develop their regions potential, delivered through SAFI. Shaped by the knowledge of the SAFI team and Userboard, this event has been designed for the aquaculture and fisheries stakeholders, by aquaculture and fisheries stakeholders.

For more information on the SAFI stakeholders, the events we have held, and how our stakeholders have shaped SAFI, see

Rory Scarrott (UCC), Sophie Power (UCC)

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