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The SAFI Consortium

SAFI is managed by a transnational, multi-partner consortium comprising 7 partner institutions in 5 countries. The group is a mixture of cutting edge research and academic institutes, SMEs, operators in the fisheries and aquaculture sectors, and representative centres from national and regional research and management agencies. 


A leading supplier to Earth Observation missions (e.g. system requirements, analysis, mission operation etc.), ACRI-ST acts as technical and administrative coordinator of the SAFI project. With extensive experience working in the EO sector, ACRI-ST leads SAFI’s EO data handling and computations analysis, the adaptation of the SAFI service to future Sentinel 2&3 sensors and research on SAFI indicators.

Contact: Antoine Mangin  

MaREI Centre - University College Cork


Part of UCCs research network, the MaREI Earth Observation team work with data from a wide range of satellite EO instruments for land, coastal and marine applications, and have significant capacity for and understanding of communications and engaging stakeholders. 

MaREI leads SAFI’s communications and dissemination activities, training and capacity building activities and running project services. Additionally, MaREI contribute to the analysis of satellite derived EO data, and have developed the web-GIS component of the SAFI Decision Support Service.

Contact: Rory Scarrott


An SME established by maritime professionals, COFREPECHE has over 30 years of economic and financial expertise in the fisheries and aquaculture sectors and the integrated management of coastal areas. COFREPECHE leads the definition of the SAFI service, and contributes to research and communications aspects of SAFI. 

Contact: Catherine Lecouffe

Instituto Português do Mar e da Atmosfera (IPMA)

IPMA is a Portuguese Public Research Institute developed to Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences and Technology. The IPMA also operates the Portuguese meteorological, climate and seismological networks, among a number of other disciplines. Within SAFI, IPMA is the leading research partner concerning correlative studies of different species and habitat preferences. IPMA also contribute to gathering customer requirements for system definition, SAFI’s communications activities, in-situ data gathering, and all activities which lead to the development of indicator products. 

Contact: Marta Rufino


Instituto de Investigación y Formación Agraria y Pesquera (IFAPA)

IFAPA is a public research institute from the Andalusian regional government in Spain, dedicated to agriculture, fisheries and aquaculture research for sustainable development. They lead the gathering and use of in situ data sets within the SAFI research streams, in order to validate satellite EO produced products and applications of operational case studies. IFAPA also contributes to identifying users and customers’ requirements retrieval and the R&D required to develop innovative new marine products. 

Contact: Jesus Morales


Daithi O' Murchu Marine Research Station (DOMMRS)

DOMMRS is an independent aquaculture research station focusing on aquaculture husbandry, particularly Integrated Multi-Trophic Aquaculture, minimising waste from the aquaculture and fisheries production processes, environmental monitoring, seaweed and research into Harmful Algal Blooms. DOMMRS leads the gathering and collation of user requirements, and contributing to the gathering and collation of user requirements, and contributing to defining and evaluating the final service to be delivered. DOMMRS are also contributing to accessing in-situ datasets to carry out correlation studies, and participate in the SAFI userboard, to ensure that the project focuses on the real needs of the aquaculture and fisheries industries. 

contact: Cat Smith


ACRI-EC is backed by the French ACRI group, and works on environmental and socio-economic studies. Within SAFI, ACRI-EC leads contact with the local Moroccan actors in the marine sector, and administration in the aquaculture and fisheries field. They are also tasked with supporting the demonstration of SAFI indicators, and organising training activities for the SAFI end users. 

Contact: Amine Taji